Traditional methodology in the world of technology used for most of the 20th century has been supplanted by new, innovative approach that is more focused on immediate results, better resource utilization, faster time to market, openness to new innovation and less focus on structure and control.  Instead of trying to methodically and deliberately define and design a product and spending endless time bringing the full capability to market, the new methodology refocused us to the most immediate needs of the business in order to achieve desired results today.

Emerging Technologies, Inc. understands the need for corporations to succeed thru technical advantages while controlling and managing costs of its operations and resources.  We work with company’s leadership, management and technical staff to align business strategy and budgeting to the best use and development of technical solutions.  ETI utilizes most modern tools for project management, documentation, communication and quality assurance in order to quickly deliver features of the systems that will have most immediate impact of marketing and operational goals of the client.

  • Agile Project Management
  • Collaboration and Best Practices
  • Continuous communication and improvements
  • Right-sizing of teams and solutions
  • Emphasis on security, compliance, scalability and flexibility
  • Business-focused solutions