The accelerating speed of technology has forced every business of every industry to reevaluate and pivot its strategy in the marketplace.  It is no longer sufficient to perform well within your business segment, streamline your operations, employ savvy, experienced talent and acquire or merge with your nearest competition.  The industry itself is evolving into a completely new type business and opening possibilities never before possible.

Here at Emerging Technologies, Inc. we offer Strategy Consulting services based on deep knowledge of your industry, latest trends and innovations in technology and its application and predictive analytics.  We help you evaluate the information, formulate and make decisions on the direction of your company and to address not only your most immediate needs but set in motion future success.

Strategy based on facts, knowledge, clearly defined goals and unambiguous metrics along with full understanding of impact and opportunities of new technology is how the companies will thrive in the 21st century.  Let us be your partner in your company’s success.

  • Our strategy and management style have evolved into a culture of continuous improvement. We strongly believe in Agile methodology and always strive to self-evaluate, improve, and teach/mentor our customers in adopting this approach.
  • For the initial phase of the project we strongly recommend a hybrid approach that is essential to project success. During this phase we define project scope, create current and future business process flows, design target architecture, develop implementation/migration plan and complete all the setups required to begin the execution phase.
  • We rely on a suite of of communication and collaboration tools, to engage both IT and Business for all progress reporting and decision-making.  This results in more informed and timely decision-making and focus on solving highest priority issues first.