Advancing Healthcare IT

At Emerging Technologies, Inc. (ETI), we provide consulting services that help organizations achieve holistic transformation. We help our clients adopt user collaboration and Agile practices, apply DevOps methodologies, ensure quality assurance, and produce precise project estimates. We align project objectives with budgets, improve resource management, and boost team productivity through active project management. We design customized change management strategies that enable smooth transitions and high adoption. With our complete solutions, we enable businesses to solve problems, develop user-focused products, optimize processes, and attain project success.

The Challenge We Solve

Legacy System Modernization

Rewriting existing legacy software with state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring HIPAA and HITRUST standards are met for enhanced security and adaptability to evolving healthcare needs.

EMR/EHR Integration

Facilitating seamless integration of electronic medical and health records systems

Process Automation and AI Consulting

Automating manual processes, including converting spreadsheet-based systems to sophisticated, integrated solutions. Consulting on utilization of Azure AI tools such as Healthcare Chatbots, AI Copiloting, Document AI Processing, AI Anomality Detection to improve business processes, reduce costs, and make better decisions.

Project Delivery Excellence

Commitment to delivering projects on time, within scope, and with the highest quality. Building Innovative and knowledgeable IT Teams, equipped with latest tools and motivated to continuously improve products and services to internal and external clients

Focus on Security and Compliance

Ensuring all solutions are compliant with healthcare regulations and standards. Prioritizing data security and patient privacy in all IT solutions


  • 1
    Tailored Solutions for Modern Healthcare
    • Tailoring services to each client’s specific needs and challenges.
  • 2
    Outcome-Driven Methodology
    • Focusing on tangible business results and measurable outcomes.
    • Implementing agile methodologies for faster and more efficient project delivery.
    • Setting up and customizing project tools to align with specific project needs and goals.
    • Using data-driven approaches (Jira Dashboards) to track progress and ensure success.
  • 3
    Client Empowerment
    • Working closely with clients as a strategic partner, rather than just a service provider.
    • Empowering clients with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions.
    • Providing thorough training and support to ensure seamless implementation and adoption of new systems.
    • Being flexible and adaptable to changing client needs and environments.
    • Building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and shared goals.
  • 4
    Proactive Strategy and Vision
    • Anticipating future trends and challenges in healthcare IT and preparing clients to adapt.
    • Offering strategic consulting to not just solve current problems but also to pave the way for future growth and success.

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