ETI offers a wide variety of professional services ranging from technical to business expertise and resources.  As your business grows and scales, your technology needs expand at a rapid pace.  Your systems and your IT talent needs to increase in performance, efficiency and expertise.  You need a strong, dependable and knowledgeable partner with strong and varied capabilities in order to excel to the next level.  Emerging Technologies, Inc. brings such expertise and knowledge to its clients.

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Project Delivery
Online Support
Software Solutions
Business Intelligence
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Our Clients

Our clients are determined, motivated, and driven to succeed. They have a clear vision of what will make their business prosper. They partner with ETI to see this vision thru.

Custom Software Development
Internal Systems Integration
CRM / EMR / ERP Implementations
Operational Efficiency and Automation
Business Intelligence and Analytics
DevOps, Security and Cloud solutions
Legacy Systems conversion, modernization and optimization

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About Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies, Inc. is an established company providing technical and business expertise and solutions to the Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years.

We specialize in custom software solutions for complex business challenges. Working in partnership with business and IT departments, ETI helps clients grow their business and enables them to successfully compete in the challenging marketplace.

Here at Emerging Technologies we strive to provide our clients with expertise in the latest that technology has to offer as well as be a reliable resource for ever-changing needs and priorities in staffing. One of our goals is to become a trustworthy and dependable partner to all of our clients no matter how small or large they are at the time.

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Our Team of experts represents the spirit and vision of the company. We are self-motivated, committed and dedicated to limitless growth of our clients. Our resources have determination to succeed and enable our clients to grow and expand their business. We strive to build workforce that is team-oriented, talented, well-rounded, and always ready to go extra mile for our clients.

If you share our vision and see technology as a means to mutual success we encourage you to reach and see you and ETI is a great match.

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