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Integrated Surgical Solutions
Posted by:Russ Berkun, November - 19 - 2015

IPG stands as the foremost provider of Surgical Cost Management solutions. Inaugurated in 2007 by private investors, the company’s revenues surged from around $11 million in 2008 to a remarkable $100 million by 2020. Through partnership with ETI and persistent technological innovation, streamlining internal processes, fostering effective communication across the organization, and a heightened focus on health plan integration, IPG has charted a consistent growth trajectory. This strategic approach enabled IPG not only to expand its existing business but also to venture into new markets. In 2021, a substantial investment from TPG further propelled its growth, culminating in a remarkable acquisition by Evolent Health (NYSE: EVH) for a substantial sum of upwards of $375 million in the subsequent year.

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Oak Street Health
Posted by:Russ Berkun, November - 20 - 2017
Oak Street Health is a multi-payor primary care provider, with full-risk contracting to provide care for Medicare patients with complex conditions. The company is a fast-rising US industry leader in providing high quality health services to low income and aging population. Since its inception in 2012, the company grew from 17 clinics in 2016 to over 150 by the time it went public in 2020 with estimated value of $328M, eventually being acquired by CVS Health for $10.6B in early 2023. In 2016, ETI team was engaged by OSH Sales and Outreach to build a custom ecosystem to intelligently offer existing patients additional supplemental health coverage in order to provide them further healthcare services during regular visits. In 2017 and 2018, we continued to modernize OSH systems in order to develop innovative custom solution to manage grass-roots Outreach model for obtaining new prospects, leading to significant increase in conversion from prospects to patients of OSH clinics.
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Healthcare Payment Specialists
Posted by:Paul Berkovich, December - 04 - 2017

Healthcare Payment Specialists, LLC (HPS) provides technology enabled solutions for health care eligibility, government reimbursement and compliance to hospitals and healthcare systems across the country delivering solutions on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis or through outsourced service engagements. HPS’s solutions target Medicare reimbursement issues where complex regulations and the amount and variety of data required make it difficult for hospitals to obtain the payments they are entitled to receive.  Our team performed full assessment of existing Stingray Platform, identified ways to improve and automate and worked with the client to address all identified improvements.

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ExplORer Surgical
Posted by:Russ Berkun,

ExplORer Surgical is an interactive surgical playbook that reduces disruptions and wasted disposables by improving surgical team communication. ExplORer Surgical also provides real-time performance and scheduling data to OR administrators to enhance quality of care and efficiency. Surgical teams use the software to coordinate their activities while managing their tools and supplies in a way never before possible. The result is optimal teamwork, increased efficiency, and high performance.

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Posted by:Russ Berkun, November - 30 - 2015

Trainerly allows clients across the globe to workout directly with fitness professionals in real-time, High Definition video chat for personal 1-on-1 and customized group classes. Trainerly is ideal for stay at home moms, busy professionals and road warriors that have difficulty finding time to workout in the gym due to their hectic schedules. Trainerly works great for out of shape individuals who are too embarrassed to visit the gym.

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Posted by:Russ Berkun, December - 04 - 2017

StratusVue is a technology company dedicated to providing cutting-edge collaborative software solutions to the commercial and institutional construction industry. Based in metropolitan Chicago, StratusVue offers superior value to our clients and their teams through our products and first-class customer support.iso

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