In order that a company achieves its ultimate goals and succeeds in the marketplace, it must first and foremost deliver on its leadership’s goals, be nimble enough to change its strategy and direction at any time and focus its resources on the most productive activities.  Efficient, intelligent and effective processes require attention to detail, justification of actions, transparency throughout organization and accountability for the work performed.

Emerging Technologies, Inc. accomplishes all of its projects thru lean practices, well-organized teams, clearly defined objectives and best use of available technology. We stress continuous delivery and improvement of our processes.  Deep understanding of our client’s business, its challenges and opportunities makes ETI team ideal partner in the new initiatives.

We guide all of our team members to:

  1. Become fully engaged in the success of your customer, not just the project you’re working on.
  2. Understand who your customer is; get a feel for its organizational culture and what makes it unique.
  3. Don’t try to be all things to all companies. Focus on your strengths, experience and specialty.
  4. Integrate IT and Business in every phase of the project, training them on best practices, collaborating on decision-making and being equal co-owners of the project.
  5. Align projects with business goals. Sometimes you need to make the hard decisions by putting certain projects on hold or cancelling them altogether.
  6. Treat every IT project as a business project. Continuously evaluate the ROI while maximizing the results.
  7. Celebrate successful accomplishments and give praise to everyone who participated on the project.