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Posted by:Inna Berkovich, February - 05 - 2020

We want to congratulate our international team of IT professionals on doing an incredible job, helping Healthcare Organizations optimize, build, grow and improve health outcomes. Some of our 2019 highlights:

  • Cloud based portal for management of patient services
  • Microsoft D365 CRM based Case Management platform
  • Decision support for intake and authorization
  • Automated Billing and Collections
  • Integration with EMRs, EHRs, Clearinghouses and Health Plans.
  • Implementation of PowerBI Business Intelligence platforms
  • Patient management and administration solution
  • Custom Portal solutions for Facility Partners
  • Document and Knowledge Management solution
  • Manufacturer and Materials Management solution
  • App Security, HIPAA and HiTRUST compliance Our plan for 2020
  • Continue to deliver improvements in operational efficiencies, lowering medical costs through automation, while allowing healthcare organizations to focus on quality of patient care.
  • Continue to build on our project management fluency with new dashboards, tracking team metrics, and training of our clients on best practices in agile, scrum and DevOps.

We are super excited about our upcoming launches, continuing to build on our accomplishments and are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead.

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