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In healthcare IT’s evolving landscape, solutions that streamline operations, cut costs, and drive digital innovation are crucial for success and improved patient care. I recently sat down with Jackson Fiser of TSplus Group, an industry leader in remote desktop and application delivery software, to explore how their solutions are transforming the healthcare sector. Here are some highlights from our conversation.


Inna: Jackson, TSplus has been making waves in the IT industry, particularly in healthcare. Could you share with us, in your experience, which healthcare organizations are ideally positioned to benefit from TSplus products and services?

Jackson: TSplus has provided value to all scales of healthcare companies. We’ve successfully worked with Doctor and Dental offices, Urgent Care providers, large hospitals, and healthcare software providers.

Inna: That’s quite a range. How does TSplus contribute to reducing IT costs in these organizations?

Jackson: Our approach is straightforward yet impactful. We offer perpetual licenses, which are more cost-effective than annual subscriptions from alternatives like Citrix or Microsoft RDS. This, along with our easy-to-manage web servers, significantly reduces finance expenditures and needed resources.

Inna: Regarding scalability, how does TSplus support business growth?

Jackson: TSplus facilitates the growth of healthcare organizations by offering flexible licensing options, ensuring smooth IT infrastructure scaling. Our system is designed for quick, secure workstation setup, tailored for essential groups like medical staff and administrators, allowing them to focus on their core work without system complexities.

Inna: Can you describe the implementation process for TSplus?

Jackson:Sure. Our clients appreciate the straightforward nature of our implementation. An admin can have web servers operational in about 10 to 15 minutes. This simplicity, along with our free trial period, minimizes disruption and eases the transition. This is one of key reasons our clients’ users have switched over from alternatives – simplicity. Our licenses are straightforward, implementation and management is easy, and we offer a free trial period to test the product, including what set-up would look like.

Inna: Most of the IT industry has focused on modernizing their technology platforms and stacks. How does TSplus assist a client in digital transformation?

Jackson: TSplus facilitates digital transformation by securely moving applications, including legacy ones, to the cloud. Our focus on robust security features, including compliance with standards like HIPAA, ensures a secure and efficient transition.

Inna: Can you share with us some of your clients’ feedback regarding TSplus?

Jackson: We’ve received overwhelmingly positive responses. Our clients value the affordability, user-friendliness, and exceptional support we offer. We’re committed to not just selling a product but to fostering lasting relationships and ensuring our clients feel supported and valued.

Conclusion: In the critical arena of healthcare IT, TSplus emerges as a vital ally, offering innovative solutions that prioritize patient data security and operational efficiency.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction and ease of use makes them a go-to choice in the market. Discover how TSplus can enhance your healthcare IT infrastructure by visiting TSplus Official ® | Remote Access Software Suite or reaching out to Jackson Fiser directly at

About the Interviewee: Jackson Fiseris a Sales Manager at TSplus who joined to focus on the U.S. efforts. He has spent his career in Cybersecurity and Healthcare IT, primarily serving private offices and the ASC industry. He believes software must make sense on both the front end business-wise, and on the back end for users and admins. He looks to provide logical solutions.

About the Author: Inna Berkovich, a CIO & Executive Management Consultant at Emerging Technologies, Inc., specializes in driving visionary solutions in healthcare IT. Her deep commitment to integrating technology in healthcare drives her to explore and share insights on how IT solutions like TSplus can revolutionize patient care and healthcare management.

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